4th street market logo in white

4th Street Market.


This project was a passion project. I love food, I truly do. 4th Street Market is a relatively new instalment into the city of Santa Ana that has become an incredible place tha hosts a variety of food. The place is ever evolving and roating restaurants, so you never truly knew what would come next. With this in mind, I decided that I wanted to give their logo a new makeover. A new mark and visual identity that would evolve with the place itself, using the same base color and adding some new vibrant and fun colors to assist in spotlighting new food and items at the establishment. With inspiration from 72andSunny's LA Originals brand, I decided that this place needed the same treatment for the incredible food found here.                

4th street market social media image samples mockup of logo indoors mockup of logo on window 4th street market full color 4th street market logo black